“A silenced agenda enraged.
Divided by shallow complaints.
Deployed by their masters, masters of fakes.
Plastic Bitches, Plastic Bitches.”


Vibralux, is 100% Certified, Sustainable, Organic, Free Range, Alternative Glam Rock.
Hows that for a fucking bio statement?

Vibralux AKA “Vibrant Light”

Is a Cabaret Alt Glam-Rock-Band of Trash-Tastick proportions.
Mercury Mad, accompanied by Miss-Gendered voices combine 90’s Rock myths with stories built from their Greek and Roman counterparts.

Vibralux puts on an “Old School” organic kill or be killed rock experience with face melting solos, shouts, chants and sometimes thrown objects.

Vibralux originated in Lawrence, KS LFK
as the Glam Theatrical love child of lead singer, guitarist, and front “person” Mercury Mad. Anything go’s was the founding musical mantra stylistically for Vibralux.


Photo:Oh! Snap! Photography 2017

Their first release, Plastic Bitches Vol II
was a Vaginally stained home recording describing Mercury’s journey to Earth from Planet 3 of TRAPPIST-1 Which inside sources report was also known by hidden alien communities as Vegas in Space.(No, this is entertainment we don’t take these stories seriously … caught ya there, ya crazy git.)

Their first full length album, Trans-mission
was a draggy sounding story of Merc’s Earthly travels and a work of dedication to all things Glam inspired.

Merc’s primary influences being:
Antonin Artaud, exploitation film directors, Russ Meyer, John Waters, and of course musical influences such as Sondheim, Bowie, Queen, New York Dolls, Jayne County, and T-Rex.

Heavy glitter makeup, androgyny, and fire breathing phalluses were just a few of the tricks turned on the first Vibralux stage shows.
Trial, travels. tribulation, and movement
led to growth, and changes in cast and crew.


Vibralux Mercury Mad & The Plastic Bitches.
The name, Plastic Bitches meaning “shallow complaints” was derived from fan commentary, the ongoing divisive influence of social media and advertising, and the band’s first demo offering.

Merc replies:

Photo: OH! Snap! Photography 2017

Photo: OH! Snap! Photography 2017

“The tag Plastic Bitches was a statement of artistic indignation over issues of division pushed to sell products in advertising media. It also expresses irritation with the bands who bitched about us as a hair and makeup act yet would refuse to perform or barely play their instruments; as if an audience comes to a show to see a group cry about life in crappy clothes with a blue lightbulb hanging over their head. Those complaints, may be honest expressions but in reality they are also for public show. No wonder people gave up on Rock.”

“I wanted a show that portrayed Rock in all of it’s older aspects. In other words, a full show that hyped a story. Rock has risen from being an old whore to an Ancient Mythical Religion. We couldn’t very well call the band “Shallow Complaints” however, because then everyone would think we were some kind of mellow toned Jazz band.”

“One suggestion from a disgruntled Lawrence indie rocker was that we call the band Space Fags. Although it was a fabulous name we decided we were more than just a “Queer band” and we stole bitch boys idea and added it as an opening song on the first album.”

After years of trials, tours and member changes Merc had resigned the project to annihilation due to personal issues of “life and health” from constant touring and perhaps simply uhhh … “partying” a bit to much.

However, with a fervor for old school Rock and stage performance the project was reformed with changes in cast members, mentality, and musicality.

A new phase is on the horizon. A new “Order Of The Dolls” or uhhh album split into three Books / EP’s emerges with an ironic twist is just around the corner.

Stay tuned, and keep your ears peeled (yes, ears peeled, stop being so indignant) and your eyes to the stage.

The Doll awakened, our Galatia. will step down from her stony pedestal to gather the “Vibrant Light” within the arms of her cathartic night rituals for another dance.

Vibralux, “The Vibrant Light” Mercury Mad and the Plastic Bitches are back to shake ancient and archaic bones once again.