Resurrection V phenomenon Vibralux
Our Dolls of the “Vibrant Light” traveled a treacherous path but have returned from the under-region alive. There’s not a whole lot of info on what happened in the past. Their highway of excess met a road of gravel.  There at it’s cross they arrived upon a grotesque stump. Beside which, a gnarly figure stood guard before an ancient wound in the Earth.  Surrounded by nymphs or rather “moths” the doorway lead to what some refer to, if not by Greek or Roman name as “a darker realm”.

The short story
Through the loss of parts and pieces our leader and voice, Mercury Mad, by way of shouts, chants, and fits was determined to proclaim the message of the Vibralux and gather dismantled doll parts tossed into box holes across this broken cunt-tree.  It is from these experiences in treachery our ritual is born.

The parts sewn together
Their former doll Asmo, was risen, bloodied and mangled, from the grave. They have gathered Miss Gendered Voices. With the heavy rhythmic aide of a Scot and a bass playing wood giant they shouted into the nether parts of broken toy boxes raising with them those dolls emptied of life by the vapidity and vitriol of this shallow world.

Catharsis of the Plastic Bitches
We uphold the standing tradition of Vibralux “The Vibrant Light” keeping it alive in ritualistic mixtures of unified story telling, myth making, insults, grunts, shouts, chants, and thrown objects. We ask those fallen to the swords of polarization to unite once again in revelry and mutual human acceptance by way of their cathartic public Ritual of the Plastic Bitches.

Mission of the “Vibrant Light”
We are the broken parts of makers, creators, painters, dancers, singers and writers for souls that belong with one another. Together we wake to our connection as one creative body. We are the shattered parts of neglected corporate trash. We are the discarded lot. We are bored of scenes. We are the parts of one being in an aggressive fight for self repair.

Gather with us. Sew your parts together. Learn our chants, our songs, our myth, and make them yours.

Raise hallowed hearts, fists, glasses, and voices together once again. Join us in the mutual re-connection of these ridiculed and separated parts.

For those of us who love and create are light.
We are the understated mirror to this world.

“Let us Dance,
Let us Love,
Before we turn to nothing
Your machine will turn to rust;
idle blood and bone to dust,
which tomorrow,
will be gone”

Vibralux “Prayer for Galatea”