Vibralux Dance of the Doll Touring 2016

Vibralux Dance of the Doll review, is a short absurdist Cabaret Rock-Opera of “Meow-Tastic” Cheshire proportions. The “show” takes place in Largo Argentina, Rome’s homeless shelter known as Torre Argentina. With the aid of their bard, Mercury Mad, the oddly cast dithyrambic priesthood combines 90’s Rock N’ Roll myths with their Greek and Roman counterparts. Pygmalian and Galatea, Orpheus and Eurydice, Marlowe’s Faust, and the not so well known story of “The Doll” Die Puppe, CoppĂ©lia, are intermixed with lyrical stories of 90’s alternative superstars.
As to be expected in Rock N Roll myths, not everything is as it seems.
Despite the attempts of the bard, the show falls apart in a “Cat-O-Strophic” twist with an absurd ending of feline proportions.

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